Darlene Quaife


Erotica: The short stories here are collected under the titled, Word Made Flesh. This collection of stories questions traditional and conventional perceptions of sex and religion, language and sensuality, public nudity and age, body and denial, innocence and attraction, in short the sensual, sexual and erotic. 

Burning Desire Download (pdf)   

*Published in Border Crossings, Prairie Fire, Snap Magazine, and was a Finalist in Prairie Fire's Hot Shorts Contest, erotica without exploitation


Still Life & Nude Download (pdf)

*Published in Border Crossings: A Magazine of the Arts


Body Mapping Download (pdf)

*Published in The Malahat Review


Word Made Flesh Download (pdf)

*Published in Room of One's Own


I Ching of Shoes Download (pdf)

*Published in PRISM international as a runner-up in The Short Fiction Contest


The Invisible Part of the Spectrum Download (pdf)

*Published in Prairie Fire and PRISM  international as a finalist in The Short Fiction Contest


Sirenia Download (pdf)

*Published in Absinthe


Amber Flashing Download (pdf)

*Published in Prairie Fire


Savant House 

*Published in FutureVision 6.0