Darlene Quaife

Reviews: Death Writes

"Death Writes is delightful (that's probably not quite the word I want). Or delicious. At any rate, I felt like I was alternately gobbling bonbons or savoring some small tasty bit. To be truthful, I expected this, considering what I already knew about the book, but the turns of phrase, bits from some of my favorite writers, many half-forgotten, the marvelous drawings, the whole premise, the format . . .  everything felt like indulgence in a forbidden pleasure. Many thanks for the experience. This is a work I will keep on the bookshelf/headboard and return to as I need a fix. I love the idea that there's always more when I come back to a page.

I also love the whole 'found manuscript' idea, too, which takes me back to books I've enjoyed from centuries ago, along with the pastiche format which takes me back to modernist works I've enjoyed.

So here's my short review. I wish you'd write some crap so I wouldn't have to sound so effusive."--- Karen Overbye, Faculty, MRU


"The  book opens in a coffee house where Death is sitting, reading newspapers & contemplating. He then sees an old composition book for children to practice their writing. He decides to write in it & he does - using the AAaa page (subjects that start with A) to think & talk about subjects, with, of course, death as the main thought. He weaves today, ancient history & interesting facts all through the alphabet. 

In 50 years it is one of the 5 books I have re-read several times. I plan to get some for my friends." --- Eloise S. Lanum, Amazon.com