Darlene Quaife

Reviews: Days & Nights on the Amazon

 "As she demonstrated in Bone Bird, Darlene Quaife is a writer of wit and courage. In this her second novel, she charts dangerous lives and follows a cunning river in a fine demonstration of her passion for life and true poetic vision." ----- Rachel Wyatt, playwright & novelist

"Days & Nights on the Amazon is a novel as dark, rich and mysterious as the river of the title. This is the erotic inner voice of woman, at times teasing and playful or taunting and tempting, but always aware of its power. It is a novel of love and obsession; an exploration of life rooted in nature." ---- Catherine Ford, The Calgary Herald

"A river-run tale, narrated by the Amazon herself. A dog who prefers electrical outlets to sunbeams. And a woman, whose 'road trip' adventure depends solely on the river's whispered dreams of seduction and escape. This is a strange and compelling story." ----Peter Oliva, novelist