Who We Are


Who We Are

“Every definition is dangerous,” according to Erasmus. And yet we are all defined in one way or another. One way is by association. For example the inscription on one of two headstones in the garden of Wedgwood Manor: Here Lies The Body Of Lucy Caroline, Daughter Of Josiah Wedgwood And Wife of Commander M.J. Harrison, R.N., Died 25 June, 1912. Aged 72. The other is by rank: Here Lies The Body Of Mathew James Harrison, Commander R.N., Died June 26, 1926 Aged 79. Lucy is identified by whom she belongs to, while Mathew is identified by who he has become.

My collection of erotic short stories, WORD MADE FLESH, breaks with the biological imperative that defines Lucy and Mathew. This collection of stories questions traditional and conventional perceptions of sex and religion, language and sexuality, public nudity and age, body and denial, innocence and attraction, in short, the sensual, sexual and erotic. All of theses stories have been published in magazines and journals (some more than once). If you would like a peek, visit darlenequaife.com.