If Buddha Could Laugh

“If Buddha Could Laugh” ……


The provocative title of a short story that was written in response to a challenge I offered students in one of my creative writing courses at U of C many years ago. The story went on to win an award that I’m aware of and perhaps others that I’m not. Recently, I reconnected with the author of this story on LinkedIn. Why do I tell you this? Well, my journey of late, although not Zen-like, has taken me into the world of social media. Not entirely a foreign territory for me, but my mediations tend to lead to acts of creation, in the form of novels, short stories, paintings.

That said, having sent a new novel out into the world, I am destined to hold the hand of my brainchild. In our brave new world that means we, Wildnis and I, must navigate a path through the land of Social Media.

It’s been a revelation. At first a cacophony of voices, rather daunting, but the white noise is clearing and I’m connecting with like-minded travellers and old friends.

A meeting of minds…. how can that be possible in such a riotous world? I think it comes down to our ability to find who and what we need, no matter. An instinct for survival.