Darlene Quaife


Welcome to The Oculus Gallery currently exhibiting original artwork from my studio.
The dominant element in my work, at least as displayed here, is texture. To that end, some of these paintings incorporate found objects such as a lichen encrusted twig, a piece of wasp nest, the 'reed mace' of an ornamental millet, the individual feathers from a peacock plume,  and pieces of handmade paper.
One of my other passions, and the focus of my next novel, entitled The Primitives, is prehistoric cave art. Three of the paintings here pay homage to our ancestors and their desire to make art.
My technique is spontaneous and abstract. Many of the pieces in the gallery are impressions of nature.
Nature is a key player in my novels and short stories, as represented in The Oculus Gallery by the cover art for my novel, Wildnis. This piece is drawn from the novel's setting: a wilderness lake surrounded by conifer forest and mountains. The scene from the novel is the burning of a red rowboat on Satoo Lake in Viking funeral fashion. The lake has claimed the lives of three local youths.
You will notice that there is one photograph in the review, taken at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, Washington. The shot is of an exhibit of Dale Chihuly's art glass called, "Boat Floats". The painting next to the photo is my tribute to Chihuly.
From the Primitive to the Sublime:
1) The Cave. 2) Cave Bear & Lichen. 3) Desert Fish. 4) 4A) Wasp @ Work. 5) No Bulrush. 6) Feathers & Sky. 7) Fall: Foothills. 8) 8A) Coral Reef Maybe. 9) Autumn. 10) 10A) Ghost Cows, Brahma Bulls on Playa Potrero, Costa Rica. 11) Puffer Fish, Honeymoon Bay, Costa Rica. 12) 12A) Intelligence. 13) Cypher. 14) Wildnis. 15) 15A) Chihuly Boat Floats. 16) Between Heaven & Earth.